Water Well Drilling

With the use of modern, high capacity Rotary and DTH drilling equipment, we can drill water wells to meet your specific requirements, safely and efficiently. Borehole diameters from 6” to 12”, (152mm to 300mm).

Our knowledge and experience of drilling water wells through various geological conditions ensures that we can provide a sustainable supply of safe drinking water for your use

Pump Installation and Service

We can supply and install a suitable pump for your specific requirements . From small domestic pumps to large irrigation pumps. We have an extensive range of pumps and treatment systems available for your water supply.

We can have your water analysed for chemical and bacterial content, and treat it appropriately ensuring you receive the best quality water from your well.

We also carry out pumping tests to verify maximum safe yield from all well types.

A full backup and maintenance service is available for all customers.

Grants are also available for domestic pumping and treatment systems. Just check your eligibility through your local authority and we will take care of the rest.

Geothermal Borehole Installation

Using drill rigs capable of drilling to approximately 300m deep, we provide drilling and installation services for ground source renewable energy systems. We drill geothermal boreholes and install vertical loop geothermal collector probes for both private and commercial systems.

Our extensive knowledge ensures the highest efficiency from your system

With extensive knowledge of drilling throughout Ireland, we can work with your heat pump installer to ensure that you achieve the highest efficiency from your system.

Using high quality single or double loop collector probes, and a range of grouting options, we know how to achieve the optimum performance from your geothermal heating system.

Monitoring Boreholes

We drill and complete monitoring boreholes to industry standards for the construction and waste management sectors.

With our professional approach, we can also follow any particular specifications required.